Uptown Sedona

From the roundabout at SR89A/SR179 to Jordan Park, the original people of Sedona built their homes and ran their businesses nearby.

Sedona has many roundabouts and they move traffic well.  If driving these roundabouts are new to you… click on the picture and watch the video.


Uptown Sedona

Homes high on hillsides, views of the surrounding red rocks, small shops and restaurants along SR89A, and the stream of Sedona life, Oak Creek, flowing along the eastern side of SR89A, beneath and alongside those shops, hotels, restaurants, and spas.

Oak Creek at L’Auberge

Wilson Mountain from an Uptown Sedona home

Upper: Uptown shopping. Lower: Tlaquapaque
Javelina crossing Navahopi Rd in Uptown
Sedona airport mesa just west of Uptown
Houses in the foothills of Uptown Sedona

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